Get the tools for sustainable employee engagement

Engaging your employees in the public sector comes with a unique set of challenges and opportunities—tenure, lack of performance, and general burnout can all come into play. The answer to effectively engaging public sectors employees, however, is surprisingly simple:

Use strengths-based training and coaching to get every employee to feel valued, be energized and produce their best work.

Here’s a closer look at how you can build a strengths-based culture.

Find a solution you can sustain yourselves

Nobody wants eternal consultants and the bill that goes with them—we would know, we’ve coached dozens of organizations in the public sector! This doesn’t offend us in the slightest, but we have developed a model that is specifically designed to work within the budgets and timelines of the public sector. We give you the tools, training, and measurement to build and sustain a culture of employee engagement.

Get the most out of your training budget

Most of the public sector organizations we work with have an annual budget for employee training, whether technical or otherwise. When you use your training budget for strengths-based training for your employees, you can improve their performance in every area of their job duties; not just a single added skill. This is because when employees are engaged and engrossed in their job, productivity soars across the board.

Apply metrics to report on your investment

In order for organizations to know just how far they’ve moved the needle, we provide a tool called the Strengths Orientation Index. This allows us to put, in black and white, a number to the effectiveness of the coaching and show return on your investment and ensures there’s a sustainable future for employee engagement through strengths-based coaching and training at your organization.