Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch—Build Your Company Culture

Business is business, and we understand that—employees quit, accidents at work happen, you need to attract fresh talent, and there’s always the bottom line to consider.

That said; how does strengths coaching fit into this, and how can you justify the cost?

We work well with corporate clients because of their pragmatism—we offer a results-based service, so we enjoy serving clients with their eyes toward measurable results.

Establish a culture of doing what’s right

What if your employees didn’t have to consult their manager (or an employee handbook) to do the right thing? Would it be more efficient for your organization if every employee inherently knew what was right and wrong and how to act accordingly? Of course it would be, but the only way to get to that point is to establish a culture of understanding, belonging, and shared values. Culture is the exact opposite of a rulebook but contains all of the benefits of a system of strict rules, and a lot more.

Employee retention

It’s hard to attract top talent, and it’s even harder to keep them around. Profit sharing, health benefits and office perks are all great ways to make employees feel secure, but they usually don’t translate into day-to-day happiness and engagement at work. The key to making employees feel valued every day at work is to speak a common language and make sure everyone does what they’re best at.

Reduce accidents in the workplace

According to Gallup, engaged employees have 22-59% fewer accidents at work. Think about it—an employee toiling through the day with only thoughts for the weekend or happy hour is not the employee you want with a complicated procedure or somebody else’s safety in their hands. When employees are engaged in their work, making meaningful contributions and doing what they’re best at, they are energized and engaged.

We do not ‘fix’ broken companies—We build strengths-based organizations in order to increase productivity, limit workplace accidents, and attract talent. Our goal is to transform a paycheck culture into a culture of purpose. We’ll help you implement a culture strategy that will eliminate the improper pronoun protocol of I, he, and she, and replace it with WE.