Brandon Miller

Chief Executive Officer

I am a leader who will work hard to bring out the best in others and find creative ways to overcome obstacles. Along the way, I will be a source of energy and continually bring a focus on our goals and objectives. To be most effective, I need to verbally process my ideas and feel that my work is aligned with a cause I care about. If I can see where we are going, I will work diligently and strategically to help us get there!

Darren Virassammy

Chief Operating Officer

I am a leader who keeps an eye on our destination and initiate the practical steps to take us there, through awareness of details and their ripple impact. I align talent toward long term scalability and step aside to allow others to take ownership in their respective zones of genius. I need time to think, process and envision the future as well as evaluate alternatives. You can count on me to identify and take the present practical steps needed to bring the first version of the future vision to reality. I will work to understand what makes each person tick, seeking to hone and develop the people I am around. I push for excellence and will hold people accountable for their own capacity for human excellence. I expect the same to done to me. I invest the time needed to cultivate and nurture long standing symbiotic relationships. I will work tirelessly for those we serve to over-deliver on expectations. While I vigorously work toward systems, efficiency sustainability and scalability, I always advocate for setting new higher standards.

Zane Grace

Employee Engagement Consultant

I am a leader who creates excellence in all aspects of the client experience. I ask incisive questions to challenge the status quo and force us to optimize our offerings. I examine products, programs, services, and systems. Then like an Alchemist, I break them down into their component parts, identify challenges, develop solutions to optimize each element, and rebuild them into their best possible arrangement. I understand that the ability to lead people effectively is equal parts art, science, and magic, and I contribute best when I have room to communicate and discuss ideas openly – often I won’t know what I think until I see what I say. I am tenaciously committed to discovering the best option so that we can tailor our solutions to each individual client in order to provide the maximum amount of value from our services.

Erin Harrison

Administrative Coordinator

I am a leader who will work hard to make sure that everyone is heard. I help find efficient ways to solve problems and work diligently to make sure everyone has what they need in order to perform at their full potential, and am excited to encourage them every step of the way. I bring my best through asking clarifying questions and having time to think and process, ultimately allowing me to connect the dots to the bigger picture and impact to everyone involved. I work diligently to create systems and processes that create consistent experiences for our clients. I strive to have a genuine connection with each person on my team and those we serve in order to help create win-win outcomes for all involved.

Brittany Honore

Administrative Assistant

You can trust that I will be an emotional thermometer, able to quickly take an emotional read on people and where they are emotionally at. I am deeply committed to helping them get to where they emotionally want to be. When dilemmas arise, I work tirelessly to solve them, as I truly come alive when given the opportunity to resolve issues. You can count on me to press for more efficient ways of doing tasks to improve productivity for the team. I quickly recognize potential in people, and have a knack for cultivating it. Naturally, my team mates know I will contribute in whatever ways needed to create success for the team. While I am very adaptable and go with the flow, I perform at my best when I have a logically formulated plan. Gathering information is an energy source, helping me make connections with the world around me especially the people. I am unleashed to be my best when I understand reasoning, patterns, tactics, and the high level why, and what.  As my information gathering continues, I will quickly be a critical information and process resource on the team.