This workshop is designed for managers and teams who’ve dipped a toe into strengths through research, and are ready to dive in and make a splash at their organization.

We’ll start with a pre-seminar conference call to introduce ourselves, get to know the team, give an overview of strengths, discuss deliverables and hand out assessment codes for the Clifton Strengthsfinder. Individual members will take the online assessment on their own time—the results will be shared with 34 Strong to develop a plan for the seminar.

Once the results are in, the 34 Strong team will review and put together a customized, on-site training day in either a half-day or full-day format. We’ll conduct speaking sessions, workshops, and group development exercises to instruct your team how to get the best out of each person by applying talent and strengths. The 34 Strong team provides all materials for the on-site seminar.

After the group session, we will provide a customized talent map based on the four domains of strengths and schedule a post-seminar conference call to debrief the results with your team. During this call, we’ll explain exactly what to do now that you’ve identified the natural strengths of your team including:

  • How to build your team around strengths
  • How to apply your strengths on a personal level for everyday use at your job
  • How to identify and build on your balconies while shoring up your basements