The CORE 34 Program

We live in a culture that acutely focuses on weakness. It’s time for a change, a time to focus on creating sustainable organizational cultures where employee engagement thrives for the long term, not for a team building workshop. With StrengthsFinder and 34 Strong, we help you focus on what is right, and strong about your staff. Our CORE 34 program will turn your organization into an employee engagement powerhouse.

Why does employee engagement matter?

When employees show up to work and they are valued for being valuable, meaning, their talents are seen, appreciated and have an opportunity to be respected and utilized, they will contribute much more. This has tangible long term performance and financial impacts on organizations that focus on a strengths-based approach to driving employee engagement.  

“When people are financially invested they want a return. When they are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.”

-Simon Sinek-

Here are the results of increasing employee engagement at work:

  • 14-29% increased profit
  • 3-7% higher customer metrics
  • 23-59% fewer safety incidents
  • 10-19% increased sales
  • 6-72% lower attrition

Why StrengthsFinder?
StrengthsFinder is single handedly changing the way people see, communicate and relate with one another:

  • Focus on what is right, and strong about people.
  • Learn just how unique you are—there are more than 33 million unique combinations of Talent Themes.
  • Globally recognized program—more than 17 million people have taken the online assessment, in 100 nations worldwide.
  • Create Strong people, Strong organizations and Strong communities.

What is CORE 34?
With a proven methodology, the CORE 34 program is a three year, four phase process for those organizations that want to go beyond simply identifying employees’ talents through Gallup’s StrengthsFinder Assessment tool, to actually integrating a culture of Strengths into your organization.

While each phase builds upon the other, this process is not meant to be prescriptive of the path every organization will take to become truly Strengths-Based. Rather, it’s a guide to provide leaders with a map, based on our experience and past success.

Why CORE 34?
We know shifting organizational culture to a Strengths-Based approach takes commitment. However, organizations that combine the findings from StrengthsFinder with the integration of a performance management system, engagement focused management approach and a strong commitment to employee well-being experience increased productivity and employee satisfaction.

The Core 34 Program Overview

3 Years. 4 Phases. A sustainable Strengths-Based culture of employee engagement.

Just like many other facets of business, there is a process to creating a strengths-based culture at work. We would know—we’ve worked with hundreds of organizations, from corporate to the public sector, and have designed a process that leads to measurable results with employee engagement. While each engagement is unique to the organization we work with, here an overview of our signature 3 year, 4 phase process:


Set the stage with a blend of executive coaching sessions, management team workshops and organizational consulting. During this phase, teams will participate in:

1. The Strong Leader Institute (SLI)
Designed for the executive team of the organization. A mix of executive coaching sessions and team training workshops, focusing on leaders’ personal Strengths, and the Strengths of the senior team.

2. Best Manager Academy(BMA) For Managers And Supervisors
Coaching and training managers to understand and focus on Strengths.

3. Strengths-Based Organizational Consulting
Monthly, one-hour calls to monitor progress.



The second year focuses on management effectiveness, as well as continued education and training for executives and managers. This phase includes:

1. Performance Management Initiatives: Employee Engagement Series
Our consultants use Gallup’s Q-12 employee engagement survey to measure engagement. Over three sessions, we help executives and managers understand and improve engagement scores.

2. Propelling Leadership Performance
Quarterly executive and manager coaching to sustain the Strengths-Based culture.

3. Strengths Ambassador Program
Select and engage a team of “Strengths Champions” who will meet regularly to consider the cultural imperatives required to sustain the Strengths initiative.


In the second part of year two, we provide the training and tools needed to expand the StrengthsFinder Assessment company-wide:

1. Associate Strengths Program

We provide the training and tools for staff to understand their Strengths profiles and engage in ongoing learning:

  • StrengthsFinder survey offered to all associates Each associate will receive their unique Strengths Insight Report.
  • StrengthsFinder Discovery Day Workshop offered to all associates—This half-day workshop introduces associates to the concepts of Strengths-Based development.
  • Cognician Strengths-Engage E-Learning course offered to all associates—We provide a virtual training platform for associates to develop and apply their talents through the Clifton StrengthsFinder results.

2. Strengths-Based Team Building And Workshops

These sessions provide an opportunity for teams to engage in shared learning with facilitated discussion on how to form a cohesive team where each team members’ unique strengths are appreciated, engaged and applied to team objectives.


During this last phase, 34 Strong will train individuals within your organization, and offer continual support through the following:

1. Train The Trainer
We will train individuals within your organization to lead their associates toward maximizing Strengths at work.

2. Ongoing Coaching For Trainers

Once internal Strengths Coaches have completed Train the Trainer, we offer continual support with resources and coaching to ensure your new Strengths-Based culture stays for the long haul.

Ready to learn more about a CORE 34 Program for your organization?

When you’re ready to learn more about maximizing employee engagement, and key organizational outcomes through the long term sustainable CORE 34 process of building a strengths-based organizational culture, CONTACT US.