One of our flagship products, a Strengths-Based Leadership Workshop is ideal for a board or management team looking to increase awareness at the individual level and apply strengths in a leadership role. Additionally, you will also learn how to build an effective team by leveraging the strengths of others based on the four domains of leadership.

We’ll cover four main areas in these workshops:

Increase individual awareness – Assessing the strengths of each individual is the first step to understanding how to build on those.

Build an intentional team – Most teams and the roles within are established arbitrarily. We’ll show you how to structure a team based on strengths so that everyone is doing what they are naturally good at.

Establish a leadership brand – Based on your unique combination of strengths and leadership domain, we’ll help you develop a leadership style and brand promise.

Focus on needs of followers – Trust, compassion, stability, and hope—every leader needs to inspire these in their followers. We’ll show you which activities contribute to building these as well as which detract from these needs.