Executives, presidents, and the C-suite—you perform at a high level and hold yourself to incredibly high standards, but you know you can do even better.

The Executive Strengths Coaching Series offers three 1-hour sessions that teach executives how to apply their StrengthsFinder themes specifically to their role in the organization. The goal is to improve individual performance through a greater understanding of talents and blind spots.

We’ll show you how to build on your balconies (your natural strengths) and give you strategies to shore up your basements (your weaknesses). One key element is time management, specifically finding ways to keep executives operating in their strength zone—the work they do with ease, excellence, and enjoyment—to produce at the highest level. Additionally, we’ll show you how to build relationships with coworkers and direct reports for effortless communication.

The coaching series is intended for clients who have already started their strengths journey and have a solid foundation. For that reason, it is not offered as a standalone coaching session.