The CORE 34 Program

When organizations bake strengths into their culture, communication, productivity and financial performance improves as employee engagement increases. Is your organization ready to make a long term culture shift that pays dividends well into the future?



Who We Serve

Long-term, sustainable employee engagement isn’t something a consultant can provide – you have to own it as an organization. We can show you how. Build your culture, motivate your staff, enjoy your work.

Volunteering your time, energy, and expertise should leave you with more than satisfaction. We show you how to supercharge board meetings, develop professional skills, and grow leadership prowess.

Your business doesn’t need more strategy and your teams don’t need fixing – you need a culture where everyone inherently knows to do the right thing. Improve engagement, awareness and workplace safety. We’ll show you to how to lead your way to a better bottom line.

“How can we become a Strengths-based organization?”

In a 90-minute webinar, we’ll answer this question by showing you through the Strengthsfinder system, demonstrating the proven benefits, and walking you through how we introduce the system to your organization. No assessments needed, but your time is guaranteed.

What We Do

As a leader, your greatest strength also has potential to be a liability. And the stakes are high – managers have a 70% impact on employee engagement. We’ll show you how to embrace your streangths for leadership mastery.


No trust falls, ropes courses or team lunches here – these workshops are designed to give your team a common language, help them recognize their strengths, and use their talents at work every day.


Managers are absolutely critical to the success of an organization because they have so much influence over the productivity of the entire workforce. In fact, according to Gallup, managers account for 70% of employee variance in the workplace.


"I highly recommend 34 Strong. Working with Brandon and Darren and their team has yielded far better results for our management team over the past year than I could have ever expected. Staff have willingly embraced becoming a strengths based organization, because of how effective 34 Strong's group trainings and one-on-one sessions have been."

Jeff Ramos - General Manager, Consumnes Community Services District