For Teams

34 Strong works to build strengths-based interdependent teams within organizations.

Why Strengths?

“Focusing on what is right with our teams.”

Strengths Psychology pioneer Dr. Donald O. Clifton asked the question, “What will happen when we think about what is right with people instead of fixating on what is wrong?” 34 Strong utilizes the Clifton Strengthsfinder assessment to identify natural talent and focuses on developing that talent into strengths, bringing out the best in your people, their partnerships, and the teams and that comprise the organization. The path to Organizational Interdependence comes through developing:

1) Strong People
2) Strong Partnerships
3) Strong Teams
4) Strong Organizations

What is Interdependence?

“I Serve us so we can serve others.”

There is a human longing to contribute, to add value, and to know that one’s life is making a difference. That lasting impact is rarely a solo act. True effectiveness, and our most powerful results come when we operate from Interdependence. The focus here is on contributing together to make a difference in the lives of others. Here, we find individuals elevating others, sharing strengths, drawing out the contributions of others, recognizing needs, and being patient with differences. We are humble, confident and aware of self and others. Trust is high, communication is fluid, and success is sustained. Organizations are most effective and efficient when we are working from Interdependence.

What are the options?

Leading with Strengths:
34 Strong’s Signature Lead with Strengths program is a starting point to develop the leadership team around Strengths within your organization. Real Change starts from the top and the path to Strong Organizations starts with the leaders. The program starts the People, Partnerships and Teams development process through a series of 1-1 sessions with leaders as well as some team workshops.

Other Options include:

  • Managing With Strengths
  • Half-Day Workshops
  • Full-Day Workshops
  • Multi-day Workshops
  • Team Development workshops

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"My relationships with my team members and peers have truly blossomed thanks to the tangible takeaways 34 Strong left for us." - Lindsay Wagner – Team Lead | Health Promotion Officer, The FDA

"Working with 34 Strong has yielded far better results for our leadership team over the past year than I could have ever expected. The leaders have willingly embraced becoming a strengths based organization, because of how effective 34 Strong’s group trainings and one-on-one sessions have been for our leaders." - Jeff Ramos – General Manager, Cosumnes Community Services District, Elk Grove, CA

"34 Strong provides a thought-provoking way to identify your strengths, and then leverage those strengths in the workplace and elsewhere to enhance productivity, engagement, and partnerships. " - CHUCK RAMANUJAM - Market Executive, Bank of America

"I felt like I knew a lot of the team members better and what makes them excited about work." - FDA Staff Survey Results